Who we are and what we do

"AUSICO" is the Pakistan's Most Trusted Brand for
Automatic Stabilizer and Voltage Regulators

AUSICO Industries was founded in 2000, and have been working to produce high quality Automatic Stabilizer and Voltage Regulator in Pakistan. With these years of experience, “AUSICO” has earned good business reputation.

“AUSICO” always insists on principles of honesty and clear-cut target as the ultimate goal, “a complete well coordinated Automatic Stabilizer and Voltage Regulator” In order to guarantee the manufacturing of the finest quality products in Pakistan.

AUSICO Industries services, policies of competitive prices, strict quality control and regular delivery is the cause of its success. AUSICO Industries consistently kept capturing our nerves for designing and producing only the best. Credit goes to its valued customers who appreciated “AUSICO” products and opted to buy value for their money.

While the inspiration coming from our company serves as a driving force, the appreciation from our customers serves as a great source of encouragement to delve deeper in search of still better designs that and quality. We have reached the conclusion that our customers really deserve it. Attractiveness and attention to detail are the factors that set AUSICO Industries's electric products apart from the rest.